Media Coverage
By CREConfidential
August 13th, 2020

LAS VEGAS (August 13, 2020) – Brass Cap Development, a local industrial development firm, announced its latest warehouse project, Brass Diablo, is making impressive progress as LM Construction lifted the walls of the +/- 25,277 square foot warehouse in one workday with the use of the Tilt Insulating Panel System (TIPS) manufactured by Innovative Structural Solutions. This is LM Construction and Brass Cap Development’s first building that implemented this advanced design.

“What typically takes two business days to complete, TIPS allowed our crews to accomplish a major construction milestone in just one day with the use of this new innovative system,” said Larry Monkarsh, owner of LM Construction Company. “Most tilt-up buildings in the Las Vegas valley are constructed with solid concrete and steel, however, TIPS replace standard reinforcing steel with a structural cage that incorporates necessary structural elements with an R-38 insulating factor.”

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